Welcome back everyone! I’m afraid I have some bad news. This will be the last page for a long while.

As some of you are aware, I’m pregnant. I’ve now got less than 7 weeks until the due date, and I’ve been struggling with exhaustion for a while. I was hoping the Christmas break would take the edge off, but if anything I feel worse! I’ve got enough stamina for an hour or 2 of art a day, but not enough to produce a page a week. As this is the last page of chapter 3, it seems a good point to pause the comic. I’m also halting my Patreon.

My plan is to use whatever spare time/energy I have over the next few months to work on chapter 4, then release it once it’s complete. Kind of like a TV series.

There are various ways to subscribe to my comic, so you’ll be notified once I start uploading again.

Sorry for the short notice, and thanks for all the support! It means a lot that people are taking an interest in my comic, and I’m determined not to give it up once the baby arrives.