About the comic

Werewolf royalty, infidelity, and a washed-up pop star.
Updates Mondays.

Pure of Heart has some adult themes and is not suitable for children.

About the characters

The Werewolf King

The ruler of the werewolf kingdom.

The Werewolf Queen

The actual ruler of the werewolf kingdom – the king always listens to her.

Prince Archibald

Heir apparent to the werewolf throne.

Princess Alexandra

Would love to be queen someday. Shame about her little brother.


Accidentally married into werewolf royalty, definitely does NOT want to be a werewolf.


He had a number 1 single in 1979, and hasn’t done much since.

About the creator

I’m Lauren Womack, aka hamstertoybox. I live in the UK with my husband and 2 cats. This comic has been stewing in my head since 2002, it’s great to finally make it.