Okay, so I watched the Lion King on repeat as a kid, and that may have bled into this page….

Anyway, a tonne of exciting news this week!

Chapter 3 is complete

I’ve now finished chapter 3 – the colour PDF is available to purchase on Gumroad for $1.99. It’ll be 6 weeks until you find out how this chapter ends otherwise!

Alternatively, you could become a Patron for a dollar a month, and have access to all 3 chapters in color, plus a tonne of other perks. For example, panel 1 of this page has cameos from 2 patrons.

I’m aiming to get the comic printed in December.

T shirts! T shirts! T shirts!

This isn’t comic related, but it is werewolf related. A random coffee shop encounter has led to me designing t shirts for Graphi-T! They asked what I like drawing, hence the werewolf theme.The company’s really big on ethics and environmental issues, I’m really psyched to be a part of it.